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We often get asked about a recommendation for a club. Recommendations for this line of business are risky, as they always reflect back on the party giving the recommendation. Yet, we are going by past experience and have no influence on current events...

Our favorite sex club has to be the EPICURE CLUB in Cape Town. It is a small, intimate club in a beautiful setting. The club is elegant, clean and has the highest safety standard we have seen in South Africa. Very good resident DJ's set the scene for a naughty evening which can include erotic massages, swinging, escorts, kink, fetish and BDSM. You should find whatever you are looking for!

The club also has hotel rooms which allow you to play discreetly, yet be a part of what is going on around you. Decadence abounds...

We like that the club is a mix of an exclusive social club and venues like the Kit Kat Club in Germany and Naked SNCTM in the US. At times there is a touch of La Voile Rouge in St. Tropez, which unfortunately was shut down by the authorities.

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